How it is possible?

By having all important business information at your fingertips. ETCS Software is an integrated system to cater the needs of all types of shops and departmental stores, traders for quick decision making.

Present Market Scenario

In the present cutthroat competition market conditions, the working of a shopkeeper is becoming nerve breaking. Demand for variety of goods and services, availability of various brands, daily coming up new models, competition at the manufacturers level calling for novel marketing ideas, bringing new marketing schemes, on the top of it induction of hire purchase system and introduction of the multiple credit cards, all has created confused conditions and customer has become more and more demanding

To satisfy the ever increasing customer demands, handle such a large traffic of the variety of goods, models and brands and still keep optimum inventories, controlling purchase costs, keeping low operational expenses, follow up of the credit sales realization and finally having the customer track that they feel delighted by being remembered on festive occasions. This all is managed by your ETCS Software